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Steven R. Van Hook

The ABC's of Marketing

Just a dozen or so terms and concepts get to the very heart of marketing. Your ability to speak the lingo is a keycard through the starting gate to success.
Extra: Your Marketing Toolbox

Marketing Appeals & Tactics

First you have to win a potential customer's attention amid a barrage of thousands of ads daily. Then you have to quickly convince the customer you're a worthy buy. This text and video might help.
More: Promotional Advertising - a Key 'P'  

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Your career future in marketing: how to get started and grow.
Six Best Writing Tips:
Write Crisp Copy
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Marketing Research
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         In Brief: Marketing Employment Trends

The old joke says it's hard to make predictions, especially about the future. But here's a brief take on where marketing and marketers may find themselves in the days and decades to come.
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    Essentials of Marketing

How-to Marketing Article Archive
How to strategize marketing tactics, win a job interview, create an online storefront, conquer a crisis, conduct guerrilla marketing, and much more in this expert collection.

Marketer's Toolbox
Your marketing kit: preparing marketing plans, creating online campaigns, coping with difficult clients, links to valuable market resources, and more. Nuts, bolts, and how-to's.

Research & Resource Library
Research resources, strategy guides, encyclopedia, global data sources, trade magazines, industry guides, journals, social networks, training resources, language translators ...

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