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Steven R. Van Hook

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Steven R. Van Hook has taught MBA and undergraduate marketing and communications courses for colleges and universities in the United States and abroad for more than a decade, and developed more than a dozen courses with an international focus. He specializes in connecting with diverse multicultural international markets. 

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International Business Class, University of California, Santa Barbara

Steven is president of Educare Research inc, a nonprofit organization providing free learning resources to international independent educators and students. He has a PhD in Education with a specialty in transcultural learning, and conducts international multicultural research. He received a B.A. in Journalism and an M.A. in Business Communications.

Steven has taught Global Management and Business Communications for the Cardean Learning Group, Ellis University, and Ellis College of New York Institute of Technology. He has taught courses in Marketing, Advertising, and Marketing Communications, Global Issues, and World Economic for the Language & Culture and ELS programs at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and courses in Marketing and Global Economics for Antioch University.

Steven has worked in media, international management, advertising, public relations, and education for more than twenty years, including positions in Washington, DC; Moscow, Russia; and Kiev, Ukraine. 

Steven has been a television producer, a newspaper features writer and columnist, a radio newscaster and reporter, a weekly radio talk-show host, a television news anchor and an NBC affiliate news division manager. He directed a nationwide television and radio public information program in Kiev, Ukraine. He managed a Washington-based television news service, and served as bureau chief in its Moscow office during the final months of the Soviet Union in 1990-91. 

Steven has worked with international media and clients including CBS, BBC, Krieble Institute, New York Stock Exchange, Transcom Communications, Hill & Knowlton, Gavin Anderson & Company, The PBN Company, East-West Films, Cardean University, and About/Primedia.  He has worked with social and economic reform programs including VISTA, Head Start, and the United States Agency for International Development.

Steven R. Van Hook is the founder of Worldwide Media Relations based 
in Santa Barbara, and publishes the AboutPublicRelations, HowToTeach,
and the HowToSail webzines.

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