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Steven R. Van Hook

Winning Website Design & Development
If you build it better, they may come and linger longer.
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 by Steven R. Van Hook, PhD

Steven R. Van HookEngaging website design is key to attracting and holding visitors to your pages. It's also an interesting career choice if you can combine programming skills with an artistic eye. 

It's the sort of career where you might work in a fast-paced office with other designers and programmers, or even run your own home-based shop.

In the video clip below, Jody Levinson (Eva Moon) of TroutDream Graphics shares some insights into what works (and doesn't) in effective website design, and the working world of a website designer.

Website Design (12:10)

Steven Van Hook has taught MBA and undergraduate marketing 
and communications courses for colleges and universities in the 
United States and abroad for more than a decade, and has 
developed more than a dozen courses with an international focus.

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