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Marketing for the 60s Set Looks Good
Baby boomer buying power totals $2.1 trillion dollars.
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 by CR 'Cataunya' Ransom
Mosnar Communications

CR RansomThere are an estimated 78 million baby boomers in the United States and targeting them could mean big profits for your business. Every eight-seconds a baby boomer turns 60, which add up to 11,000 per day. Tapping into this market could really help increase your business profit margins fast.

Implementing a product or service targeted toward baby boomers can be easily achieved by doing the following:

Step one is to understand the baby boomer culture, create products and services that baby boomers will value. Make sure that you effectively market to baby boomers so that they understand the value of using your products and services.

Step two should involve making baby boomers referrals for hire. Reward baby boomers for telling other baby boomers about your products and services. Give free tickets, discounts, cash, etc.

Step three is to become a baby boomer advocate. Stay in the know on what is happening in the baby boomer industry. Market your products and services as an expert authority for baby boomers.

Step four is to become a baby boomer industry fan. Join organizations that are supporters of the baby boomer industry. Attend tradeshows and read media publications focused on baby boomers.

Marketing to baby boomers means every eight-seconds there is an opportunity to reach one more new client! Finding new clients by the seconds got a lot easier.  

CR "Cataunya" Ransom is the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer 
of Mosnar Communications, Inc. in metro Atlanta, Georgia. 
CR consults clients and speaks to audiences relating to 
global marketing and public relations practices. 
To contact her visit her website at

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