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Steven R. Van Hook

Vacation-Time Blog Postings
Ten tips to keep your blog updated while on holiday.
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 by Cara Aley

Vacation is a time during which recovery from all things work-related is critical, so perhaps the idea of having to maintain your business blog during that time is unappealing. We’re here to share some tips to make this a bit less arduous of a process, since maintaining existing business processes during your vacation is generally a good habit to keep.

Determine topics to write about in advance of vacation. Pick several topics in advance of your vacation so that the writing happens with greater ease.

Set aside a specific time every day to work on your day’s post. If you have a dedicated time during the day to get this work done, then you’ll have the rest of the day to play and not think about work. Travel companions will also know to give you the space you need at that time to get your work done.

Have travel companions help you. Make it a fun challenge to come up with blog topics together. Let travel companions help you with ideas for the both the topics and the actual contents of posts, and the actual writing of these posts will happen much faster when you sit down to do it.

Have an employee post on your behalf. This could be a great opportunity for a current employee to shine. This is a low-risk move over the holidays - readership will likely be down, as people spend less time online and more time shopping and spending time with friends and family.

Reduce the frequency of posts. If your vacation falls during a holiday week, then odds are that people will be reading your blog less anyway. If it doesn’t, it is more than okay to have just one or two weeks where you are posting with a bit less frequency. Let your readers know that you are taking a much-needed break, and when you will be back.

Hire an outside business that specializes in blog post writing. These companies hire freelance writers to both propose topics for your blog and to actually write about those topics. Treating yourself to this kind of assistance could be well worth the freedom of not having to write while on vacation.

Write all of your blog posts in advance of vacation. If you write the blog posts you’d like to have posted during your vacation in advance of the vacation, an able employee can post them on your behalf while you are gone.

Do something different. Instead of writing posts during your vacation, make it a week of interesting or funny YouTube videos or online content relating to your business. Switch it up to make it easier for yourself and fun for your readers.

Make it reader-generated content week. Your blog readers are likely the avid fans, and you inevitably have some who might love to contribute an article to your blog. Request submissions and make it a contest, rewarding those who win with accolades and perhaps a neat prize, aside from the online shout out and posting of their content.

Above all, don’t let this be the focus of your vacation. It is important to keep that business blog updated, but if it is going to consume your time and mental energy and impact travel companions, offload the work to someone else entirely.

Keeping your business blog afloat while on vacation should be simple if you adhere to some of these tips we’ve shared. Above all, ensure that your vacation is a restorative time - you won’t be any good for that blog or for your business when you get back from vacation if you spend your while time working on vacation!

Cara Aley is a freelance writer who covers a wide variety of topics.

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