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Strategic PR & Brand Development
Public relations is essential to launching a new brand.
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 by Leslie McKerns
McKerns Development

Leslie McKernsA brand is often associated with a logo, tagline, color and graphic elements, but it is much more than that. It is the customer experience associated with the brand, and it is the value gained by associating with the brand. The brand delivers on those expectations and therefore becomes memorable and recognizable.

Branding elements include:

Mission statement. This is the reason for the company's existence and the value that the company creates. In order to become recognizable, the mission statement must be brief, yet contain the essence of your purpose. (What are you trying to do?)

Memorable tagline. The tagline will express who you are and what you do.

Brand image. Website, stationery, colors, logo, tagline, mission statement, business cards, postcards, brochures, collateral, newsletters, mailers, rate sheets, warranties, informational cards, posters, signage, advertisements, letters, project sheets, bios, headshots, products, product names, branded or corporate clothing, etc

Values and Value Platform. The Company values should mirror the mission statement.

Honest, ethical treatment and business practices, dedicated service, quality craftsmanship in the creation and delivery of products and services, rapid and responsible, reliable and repeatable all are potential values; but all must be true and consistently repeatable to use them as a platform.

Honesty is a fundamental foundation of a brand, and it is the basis of customer evangelism (positive word of mouth) don't be caught with your brand down it won't be easily forgiven.

The PR strategist and brand development expert will assist the Company to discover values, create a Value Platform, absorb the values into the company culture, rules and systems, and let others know of your expectations.

Maintaining your Brand:

Maintaining your brand is an essential marketing technique, and once your brand platform is established, don't surprise your customers.

If you are founded on an environmental platform, don't suddenly abandon the environment (or be discovered that you are) because it is inconvenient or slightly more costly.

If you are founded on transparent and economical price, don't hide tacked on fees or management overrides. If you are a best places to work, family company, don't be family insensitive.

Branding a company is not only the name and visible recognition; it is its face in the business community-what people think of, and know you stand for when they hear your name, your products or your people. 

A recognizable and consistent face for your company. When someone sees anything written or spoken about a company, they should be able to identify both the company and the values behind it.

Communicate the essence of your brand and the value of your brand to all associated with it through all marketing, public relations and advertising methods. 

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