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Effective Holiday Marketing Strategies
While some take the holidays off, marketers must step it up.
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 by Jonathan Hulet

Marketing is a year round job. It serves many purposes. Marketing can help protect the brand. It can drive in more customers. It can help with employee acquisition and it can prevent employee turnover. Although it’s year round, there are many seasonal tactics that marketing professionals can execute for specific seasons to help their brand. The holiday season is one of those seasons that every marketing professional should capitalize on.

Jonathan HuletIn order to attract more customers in December, a company can hold contests that allow patrons to win its most popular products, offer promotional codes, make donations to numerous charities and encourage customers to take surveys about the company. The business may also post countless videos that show buyers who are happily using the enterprise's products, and the company should offer substantial discounts to customers who share the films on the social media networks.

Winter Activities

In colder areas, snow may play a factor. Take the company sledding, or doing things out in the snow and now you have reasons to post content on the social platforms of your employees having a good time. Things like this can show how your brand treats your employees with respect. People don’t like to buy from companies who treat their employees poorly. 

Another idea is dependent on if the product or service the company produces is made for a winter activity. If it is, show it and  broadcast it. Notify your clients. Try to get images of your clients using your product during a winter activity.

Managing Competitions

Christmas time is the perfect time to give out prizes and rewards to your biggest social fans online. It can be as simple as just rewarding your fans with your product, or service for free. Getting your customers to post on their social network is ideal for competitions. The reward you’re giving out is paying for the marketing. Competition marketing is great PR marketing.

For example, Nu Skin does a really good job with this. Another company is Staples, which employed a #morejoy hashtag campaign. People post about the businesses that bring them more joy. Getting your customers to publish content for your brand can be a PR dream or PR nightmare. Make sure the campaign is positive and has a good logical purpose.

Events for Families

Some companies ask a man who is dressed like Santa Claus to walk around in the store on certain dates, and the business should send emails with notifications of the events to each customer. According to one report, this strategy can increase the number of people who enter a store by 10 percent during the holiday season. Holding events for families in the company will help build the employees relationship with the brand which is a part of PR marketing.

Helping Buyers to Save Money

Numerous studies have indicated that a discount of 10 percent may boost a site's revenue by 17 percent. To increase the average subtotal of the orders, a business can provide free shipping for purchases with a total price of at least $100, and the enterprise should offer promotional codes that are only valid in December.

Press Releases

An enterprise should create extensive articles that have information about the contests, the promotional codes and the company's donations. These press releases can be submitted to local media outlets and posted on the enterprise's website.

Proof of Results

In July 2014, Life Time Fitness allowed clients to participate in a challenge that lasted for 90 days, and the patrons who lost the highest percentage of weight were the winners of the competition. Moreover, each participant gave a statement that contained information about the benefits of the company's services.

Creating Videos

In 2012, a business gave Felix Baumgartner equipment and training that allowed him to jump from a height of 128,100 feet. The athlete reached a speed of 843.6 miles per hour. Within five days of the event, videos of the jump had been viewed more than 50 million times. During the subsequent seven months, the company's sales increased by more than eight percent.

Managing Presentations

A business may hold conferences during which potential customers will learn about the company's products and services. Patrons who view the presentation should receive a free sample, and the enterprise can encourage guests to invite numerous friends and family members.

Helping Children and Donating

It’s a sensitive time of the year for people who don’t have much. People like to know the companies that they’re buying from are giving back. Not everyone will have the money or resources to have a great Christmas. Use this not just for a marketing tactic, but for a time to really help someone in need. Companies can really help people and they should during this season.

Referring New Customers

An enterprise can provide cash or gift cards to clients who refer friends to the company. In order to produce a sense of urgency, the business should create a deadline on which the incentive will no longer be available. Case in point, DirecTV has one of the most impressive referral programs. They do a great job on giving it a holiday theme during the holidays.

Offering Extra Products

Certain companies give Christmas gifts to customers who make large purchases, and some of these presents include new smartphones, laptops and Christmas trees. A recent study showed that this strategy may increase the average subtotal of a company's orders by 18 percent. Give more back to your customers during a holiday season and they might be more faithful to your brand than you would think.

Jonathan Hulet is a content marketer out of Atlanta, Georgia. He has
studied and worked in the content marketing profession since 2007.
He has experience working with some of the largest brands online.

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