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Content and Public Relations Marketing
Differences between PR and content tactics matter.
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 by Jonathan Hulet

Companies that are working on boosting the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns may be confused about the difference between content and PR marketing. Both of these concepts allow for effective marketing efforts when used correctly, but it is important to understand the key differences between each of these techniques to ensure that they are properly applied.

Jonathan HuletAbout Content Marketing

Content marketing focuses on the creation and promotion of content. Why is content such an important part of marketing? Companies that want to succeed in the long term need to maintain online visibility. Creating content may seem like an easy task, but there are many considerations to make during this process.

For example, it is not acceptable to simply reiterate information that has been used before. Impeccable grammar is essential to ensure that website visitors feel that the company is an authority on the topic at hand, and it is essential for relevant, interesting content to be created on a regular basis.

Content marketing is based on improving visibility and naturally improving search engine results. Depending on the topic of the content, visitors may be encouraged to click through to look at products or learn more about services. This means that content marketing often has the added goal of converting visitors into customers.

In most instances content marketers will publish educational content onto a blog, or a division of their website that will display articles. Content marketers don’t publish onto the news sections of their website. Content marketers will publish onto guest websites in their blogging or article areas.

In regards to social, most companies will promote their educational and PR articles onto their social platforms. When you see educational and PR related articles on one business social channel it’s easy to assume that both areas of marketing are the same. In some areas they do the same thing, but in other areas they’re clearly distinct and separate.

Good and Bad Examples
In marketing it’s best to learn from the good examples and the bad. Apple uses their Linkedin to post job openings, whereas Nu Skin will post PR and educational content along with job openings. Not many companies will post news content onto their social channels but social media marketing is a part of your company’s public relations.

About PR Marketing

PR marketing refers to the use of marketing techniques to improve the image of the company in the eyes of the public. PR marketing can also be aimed at helping a company to expand brand recognition. This is often achieved by improving press coverage, and companies may hold contests, help the community or hold press conferences in order to achieve this goal.

PR efforts are not just aimed at improving brand recognition. These efforts can also help companies determine whether they are reaching their target market. Changing the message to cater to unique target markets is an important component of a successful PR marketing campaign.

PR marketing is often used as a means to manage the brand by ensuring that the general public has a favorable view of the company as a whole.

Differences Between Content and PR Marketing

It is important to understand the differences between content and PR marketing to ensure that marketers are able to use unique and separate tactics. Content marketers are concerned about the information that is provided to their followers and website visitors. They are focused on educating consumers in order to help them make an informed decision about purchasing a product or service, and effort is put into creating content that subtly highlights the fact that the company in question is filling a need.

PR marketing is focused on the reputation of the company. Marketers may be proactive about improving reputation by holding contests, donating to charities in the name of the company or holding question and answer sessions for the general public. PR can also be reactive. This means that PR marketing may be focused on rehabilitating the reputation of a brand after a negative incident has harmed it.

When Content and PR Marketing Overlap

While content and PR marketing are two different techniques, there are times when they overlap. For example, social media is often used as a method to improve the image of the company by interacting directly with customers. This is especially important for PR purposes when customers are increasingly demanding individualized attention. As an online platform, social media also relies heavily on content marketing. Marketers are tasked with strategically marrying the two concepts in order to engage consumers while providing them with the information that they need to become customers.

Jonathan Hulet is a content marketer out of Atlanta, Georgia. He has
studied and worked in the content marketing profession since 2007.
He has experience working with some of the largest brands online.

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